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Public responses to Witnesses continued: 


Haunting, emotional and inspirational.  Witnesses is beautiful.  

A shrine to the people and events of the 20th century

The ephemeral made permanent.  I found this moving.  I also liked the way the anonymity of the prints brought everyone to a level.  Collective passers through.  

Fantastic – an amazing amount of research must have taken place to produce such a ‘far reaching’ exhibition.


Informative and poetic.  I need to read it over again.  

We did not understand at first glimpses and then we suddenly realised what it all meant – a Bayeaux tapestry of Hands giving witness to this or the last century

I found this work extremely moving.  I expect it will in time go down in history. (Australia)

Greatly enjoyed – would have liked to know whose hand belonged to whom. However, we could see how that could spoil the mood.  Thank you.

The German word for ‘to understand’  is ‘begreifen’ what means (more or less literally) ‘to touch with your hands’.  The text makes me to understand the flow of the human river through the units of time.  Well done exhibition.  Thank you.  (Germany)

An amazing tribute to a small segment of human history.  The links of life past, present, future.  Wonderful.  (Australia)

A thought filled tapestry.

A most moving tribute to a century which has seen so much of good and evil – we shan’t forget seeing this.  (Australia)


It’s interesting that without the text, they are just handprints.  With the text they take on a huge burden of significance and symbolic meaning.

This show should travel so that others may enjoy and share in its magic.

Fascinating.  Nothing like this in the U.S.A.  (America)

Very touching. Shows how we can devastate each other  to make the hair on your neck to stand.  (Ireland)

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