A series of commissions made by using copies of photographs of family members, past and present, arranged into unique and original artworks. 

To commission a work:

Please provide a selection of original photographs (or high-quality reproductions) and other suitable memorabilia - any number, any size, any condition. The artist will discuss the material with you to consider your particular requirements.

The original material will be treated with respect and returned to you just as received.

The artwork will be made by first copying the originals. Then these copies may be resized and/or tinged with an oil paint wash, creatively arranged, and fixed onto a board to produce the finished collage.

The finished artwork will be delivered to you framed and ready to hang.

 Examples of original commissioned artworks in situ.

All works are Oil on paper/Collage.

Cronicles photo personal commission in situ
Cronicles photo personal commission in situ